Match pieces or activate power-ups next to Books to clear them.

Record Player
Match pieces or activate power-ups next to Record Players to collect Notes.

Ropes tie pieces in place. Match the tied pieces or activate power-ups next to them to get rid of the Rope. The Rope can tie other items too - you’ll have to use items to get rid of those!

Coffee Cups
Move the Coffee Cups to the edge of the board to collect it.

Light up the Lanterns by matching pieces or activating power-ups next to them. When all the Lanterns on the string are lit, the entire string will disappear.

Ducks and Bathtubs
Match pieces or activate power-ups next to Ducks, and they’ll hop further down the mat path and jump into the Bathtub. When all the Ducks are in the Bathtub, the tub will disappear.

Soap and Tulips
Soap covers Tulips or other elements. Match pieces or activate power-ups next to Soap to clear one layer of it. You can collect the elements when all the soap is gone.

Portals connect to different places on the board. When pieces pass through one end, they appear immediately at the other.

Conveyor belts
After you complete a match 3 pieces or activate a power-up, pieces on the Conveyor Belt will move in a specific direction.

Remove a layer of Coconuts by matching pieces or activating power-ups next to them. NOTE: Coconuts will block boosters!

Ice Layers
Match pieces on top of the Ice to break it. There can be multiple layers of Ice.

Matching pieces or activating power-ups next to a Basket to fill it up. After the Basket has been filled three times, it will empty itself and the pieces inside will be placed randomly on the board.

Flowers and Bubbles
Flowers will cover pieces, preventing you from swapping them. Bubbles cover flowers and lock them in place. Match pieces or activate power-ups next to Flowers and Bubbles to remove them.

Capsule Machines
Clear the piece under the Capsule Machine, and the piece inside the machine will fall out.

Gravity can change the moving direction of the pieces. The wind direction will indicate which direction the pieces will move.

Cords prevent pieces from being swapped. Match pieces or activate power-ups on either side of the Cord to remove it.

Yellow Leaves
Watch out! Yellow leaves will spread across the board when you fail to remove any of them. Remove them by matching next to them or using power-ups.

Upon activation, a Fan clears the entire row or column. Charge the Fan by matching or activating power-ups next to it. After triggered twice, the Fan stays charged.

Collect envelopes by matching pieces with envelopes on them. The Owl moves one square closer to the mailbox for every envelope you collect. When she reaches the mailbox, it disappears.

When squeezed, Sponges hide pieces and make them unable to be matched or moved. Sponges cannot be collected or removed, they flip over every 3 steps. 

Match pieces or activate power-ups next to the Cooler to collect drinks. When all drinks are collected, the Cooler will disappear.

Photos come in many sizes and will only appear below Ice Layers. Collect Photos by removing all the Ice Layers above them.

Flower Bed
Match pieces or use power-ups next to Flower Beds to make the flowers bloom. When all three Flowers have bloomed, the Flowers will help you clear pieces and obstacles like Missiles.

When the piece fall onto the board of the same color, it becomes a Keychain and will be collected automatically.

Moving Board
When you match 3 pieces, the Moving Board will have the chance to move once, all the pieces on it will move along with it as well.

Dolphin Pendants
Use power-ups to carve these blocks into Dolphin Pendants. When the final layer is removed, the Dolphin Pendants will be collectable. Note: Matching pieces next to a Dolphin Pendants will NOT affect it - you must use power-ups or boosters!

Leaf Bags
When all the Leaves on the board have been cleared, the Leaf Bag will explode, creating more Leaves in the surrounding squares

Ship Bottle
There will be water source on the board, surrounded by a wetland grid. Match on the wetland grid to spread the water. When the wetland grid reaches a Ship Bottle, the Ship Bottle will fall into the water and be collectable.

Ribbon with Buttons
Matching next to a Ribbon to loose the knot. When one knot on the string is lossen, the the Ribbon will be untied, releasing the Buttons. Then match pieces or activate power-ups to collect the Buttons.

Match the same colour pieces as the Vent to charge it. Once it is fully charged, it will reveal its covered area then disappear.

When a Jar is pushed off the board, the pieces inside the Jar will be randomly distributed on the board and the Jar will disappear.

Coffee Machine
Collect 3 bags of coffee beans on the board to activate the Coffee Machine. Coffee beans can only be collected by using power-ups or boosters. Once the Coffee Machine is activated, it will produce a cup of coffee, then disappear.

Sticks on the board will block pieces from swapping, also, they cannot be removed. However, you can still match pieces through Sticks.

If no Milkshake was removed in last turn, the Milkshake will randomly spread to a nearby grid.

Magic Hat
Matching pieces twice next to the Magic Hat to collect the hidden rabbit!

Popcorn Machine
Matching pieces next to the Popcorn Machine to break it! You have to break all the package before collecting the popcorn!